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And device manager refreshes all the time just as if it&39;s plugged in and out all the time. I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop, and only one of the USB ports is functioning. Manufacturers are often &39;slow&39; to provide the latest drivers via their homepage (for one reason or another). If it doesn’t, go to Control Panel > Printers and devices to see if there is any Unidentified USB device or Unknown devicelisted there.

· You might have a usb device only working one port bad USB port but there is another possible cause of USB problems and here is an easy way to fix it. Once there, right click on USB usb device only working one port Root Hub and click Properties. · I am having the issue, that my USB-C Port on usb device only working one port my OP5 doesnt work right anymore. Already cleared all the lint out of the USB-C Socket and the Cables (mutlible) i am using. So plug out the device, reboot the computer and plug it back in to see if anything changes. · It is detected in 3 of the ports, but only works in 4th one. If your newly inserted device isn’t getting read by the computer, try disconnecting other USB devices to see if anything helps. From the list that appears, select Device Manager.

We did a search in the Computer Management Log and a warning message was found: device might be corrupt - the anti virus was then activated and tried. It&39;s normal for a USB device driver to associate itself with only one USB port. · USB devices are supposed to install their own drivers when you plug them into a PC, but occasionally that doesn&39;t work. Likewise for the other devices: B must be in 2, C must be in 3. The following solutions are presented in the order of complexity, so you don’t waste time trying some complicated fix when actually a few clicks could solve your problem.

Is it normal for USB drivers to connect to only one USB port? Then now click on "view" on the computer management window tab on usb device only working one port the top and click on "show hidden devices", this will bring up all usb drivers for any usb device that was previously connected to the laptop, so this will evident by a greyed-out look to them. Such kind of problem can prevent the port from reading your USB device properly.

What to do if your USB port is not detected? The USB not working issue on an HP laptop can be resolved using any one of these methods. So I went back to store and there it&39;s working fine. In case there is, go to its Properties and update its driver. However, if not one of these works, you can contact a professional to help you and solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

0 ports not working: USB ports usb device only working one port stopped working on my laptop: 2 External monitors, 1 not working: USB Ports Stopped Working: USB ports are not working: work around broken usb ports acer 5332 seems. docx This procedure uses a free tool (USBDeview) that may help with other USB problems as well. 0 port it will only run in USB 2. · If the devices aren’t working on one or all of the ports it’s more likely to be an issue with your Mac and not the device. Re: Both USB-ports are working but I can only use one USB-po My precision 5510 will only consistently work with a usb portable hard drive on the right port. I already tried updating drivers on my PC, using USB-Debug Mode, OTG, and serveral other methods.

In case it doesn’t, we’re afraid your USB device has probably gone rogue. 0 device to a USB 3. If the computer prompts you to install a driver, let it try. As ha14 pointed out I too suggest to get the latest USB3 host controller driver directly from the Intel homepage.

Have three USB ports on my laptop (let&39;s call them 1, 2, and 3) and three main USB devices (call them A, B, and C). If your USB device is still not showing up on the system, you might want to try it on any other device, and also check if it works on any other operating system. Sometimes your USB device, which is plug-and-play nature really need a set of codes, in this case known as a driver, to interact with your device. Make Sure Internal Cables are Connected. You can use it to view USB driver and devices in great detail. Will my device still work on one USB port? You need to check the available USB ports one by one, to see if it&39;s the computer usb device only working one port hardware issue or the issue of the device itself. Here I’m assuming you have a working USB stick or other USB devices but when you connect to the USB port on your PC then it doesn’t show up in your computer folder.

The Selective Suspend feature suspends the USB device to efficiently maintain battery power by enabling the computer to turn off the USB device. More Usb Device Only Working One Port images. All of the ports work. If you connect a USB 2. The first thing to consider is whether the internal cables are connected to your USB 3. · Fix 2.

Click OKand restart your computer. USB storage device: The USB device might not display if it was stopped previously and not disconnected from the USB port. Scroll down to “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” and click on it. Are the computer&39;s USB ports working properly? This allows the system to turn off specific USB ports without affecting the other USB ports.

USB ports still not working. A device driver (in this case a USB driver) or a hardware driver is actually a group of files or computer programs that enable Windows and other applications and hardware devices to interact with each other. In case it does, transfer all your important files onto a different device. As Moss and Roy famously put it in The IT Crowd TV show, a simple restart can do wonders for you. I had this problem going on for quite a while now, and I grew tired of it. The left port rarely works for anything needing much power. My USB ports work on some devices, don&39;t work on others - posted in Internal Hardware: Hey guys. Im hoping you guys can.

Plug back the USB device in and see if the computer is able to recognise it. · When the USB ports seem to still not work at all, then you should realize that maybe the drivers in your system are broken or outdated. See more results. If the USB port recognizes the device and if you can use the device, you are finished.

The only way A works is if it is in 1. · Check the USB device to see whether it is working. · Diagnose the USB Device and USB Port.

To resolve this issue, disconnect the device, wait approximately 20 seconds, then reconnect the device to cause the device to display in the Safely Remove Hardware window. A USB device that works on one port but not another is a sign of a faulty port. I tried 2 of the 3 usb ports end there&39;s the same problem. It&39;s normal for a USB device driver to associate itself with only one USB port. how to make a Dell PC recognize a USB device if it doesn’t. So here is the issue, one of my ports stopped working completely and it wont recognize any device and won’t show anything on the screen saying usb device not recognized,it’s like plugging nothing into the usb port, what i believe cause the problem is when i tried to check on one my PS4 controllers that wouldn’t charge anymore and so i tried using multiple usb cables that were plugged. So, we recommend plugging your USB. Headphones with one port but will work as mic and speaker in Acer ES 15.

If detected, your USB device has no problem. When I do as you suggested with the Device Manager, one can only see the USB Root Hub (USB 3. None of the USB ports currently work (there are 4 on this computer). Now connect another USB device to the same USB port that did not detect the USB device earlier.

See full list on mspoweruser. 0) tree option when you select "Show hidden devices" under View. However, sometimes this feature may not correctly wake up the USB device. · Unfortunately I am encountering the same problem: one USB port (the same one as before) doesn&39;t seem to transmit sound to the speaker while the other one does. Sometimes having multiple devices on the machine may create a conflict. · The USB device may become unresponsive because of a race condition in the Selective Suspend feature. Since XP, the Windows operating system has come with a feature called USB Selective Suspend.

This is supposed to save power by closing. To apply this solution to the “USB device not recognized” problem, you will need to follow the steps outlined below: Click Start and type in “Device Manager” in the search box. Change the USB cable or USB port to Fix USB device not recognized.

The device will still only work on one USB port but you can usb device only working one port decide what port it uses. Interestingly though, when I plug in my audio interface USB into the other ports, the USB light on the device lights up, but it doesn&39;t actually work. But when I plug in in 3rd usb port there isn&39;t a problem at all! In device manager go to universal serial bus controllers and expand this. · Hopefully, once you have finished reading, you will have pinpointed the issue and will have your USB 3.

In some cases, the root cause of the problem is as simple as a dusty or damaged USB port. In most cases, learning. Update the USB Device Drivers. If the aforementioned methods still don’t make your device recognisable, you could try opening Device Manager, expanding USB Serial Bus controllers. This particular brand works on all the other units under a different family name, but give the same problem on the 5 of the same model.

· Repeat the step on each USB root hub or do it only for USB ports that you want to be permanently powered on. If this method did not fix the problem, go to the "Workaround" section. · It ended up with "unkown device" in device manager.

A high-power device like a printer or scanner will have its own power supply, but low-power devices like mice and digital cameras get their power from the bus. If this method fixed the problem, you are finished. This will make it so that a particular USB device (say a mouse) only works when plugged into one particular port. · Solution 1: Using a Different USB Port. My computer have two USB Type-C ports and the corner USB Type-C port is not working, I don&39;t know what happen but the device manager show that all the ports are normal Solved! Have you tried different USB devices in the ports that don&39;t work? As you learn in How USB Ports Work, the USB standard allows for devices to draw their power from their USB connection (all USB cables contain two wires -- for +5 volts and ground).

Go to the device manufacturer&39;s website and see if there is a Windows driver. 0 ports working again. If it remains undetected, then you have a faulty USB port.

After I connected the speaker to the non-working USB port, Device manager lists the speaker (as "Logitech Z205") under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers", yet no sound emerges. If this is the case, the only real solution is to contact an authorized Mac specialist for a hardware diagnostics test and have the port. You might again need to reboot the machine, Alternatively, you might want to visit USB device’s manufacturer website usb device only working one port to get a driver for it. This will only matter if you have a PC and you are trying to use the front USB ports.

If there are more than one USB Root Hub listed, you will need to perform the same with every entry. Click on the Power Management tab and uncheck the option that says “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. I updated the BIOS prior to reaching out on this forum.

It does load, but i cant connect to my PC. If you experience lost USB connections or power from a USB port to your auxiliary device, try the steps above then idle the device and wait for a few minutes to confirm that the problem has gone away. The first step to diagnosing a not working USB port is to make sure that it is the faulty USB Port and not the USB device you are trying to connect with problems. usb device only working one port Disconnect the USB device and connect it to another USB port on your Computer. So the device itself recognizes that it&39;s connected, but not my laptop. Or only with thunderbolt.

If the device is not listed, try the other fixes mentioned other than on the Device Manager. This procedure uses a free tool (USBDeview) that may help with other USB problems as well. It finds drivers. USB-C hdmi cord in one work with usb-c port. Can I still use one USB port?

Usb device only working one port

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